Top 5 plus size fashion and lingerie bloggers to follow

As a boudoir and glamour photographer, I’m often asked by plus size women where they should shop for their photoshoot. It surprises the hell out of me that most women don’t know that there are other women out there, just like them, that are trying on and reviewing lingerie, bras and clothing.

Yes! There is gorgeous bras and lingerie for you to buy at ANY size!

My first introduction to this was as a plus size woman with a bra size of 42L. At the time I was squeezing into a 44DDD (Yikes). I stumbled across Georgina of FFFB (#1 on my list) around 2010 and she forever changed my life and perception on bra sizing, feeling good in your current body and she really made me feel like, I too, could be sexy. I mean look at her!

So without further ado, here is my top 5 plus size fashion and lingerie bloggers to follow. Even if you are not on the plus size spectrum there are still amazing things to learn from each of them.

  1. Fuller figure fuller bust. Georgina is hands down my favorite blogger. She rocks the hell out of her curves and showcases a ton of lingerie, clothing and fashion for women with a more ample figure. She has a very active facebook page where she interacts with her followers, links really cool articles and just basically has a great time. She’s super down to earth and not afraid to speak about really important topics such as body image struggles. So, if you’re someone who says “Why don’t they make pretty bras in my size!?” you really need to check her out!

    Fuller Figure Fuller Bust Georgina wears Elomi Lingerie © Tigz Rice Studios 2018.
  2. The curvy fashionista is an amazing blog that highlights various bloggers, articles and information from across the internet. You can literally spend an eternity looking through this site and I recommend that you do as its content is awesome!

    Photo By Semaj via Saucye
  3. Saucye West  is a size 28 model that started the movement #fatandfree. I love her because she showcases sizes not seen as often. Her Facebook page is my personal favorite as she shares relevant content as well as videos of herself in fabulous outfits! check out her FB here 
  4. Charli Russen of Curvy girl thin does extensive reviews of a wide range of lingerie and clothing. Def one to watch!
    Bluebella More: Artemis Review - romantic fuller bust lingerie, perfect for Valentines
    Curvy girl thin


  5. Queen Charisma of The regal Fatty showcases amazing outfits and lingerie (usually at a great price!) She’s always looking for the best bang for your buck!

So who’s your favorite plus size fashion blogger? Who would you add to the list!?

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