Top 5 body positive Netflix movies & Series-April 2018

If you’re like I am you love to Netflix and chill. Why not watch something that will not only be entertaining but will also help you reconnect to your body. Here I have a list of the top 5 streaming movies and series on Netflix to binge on while finding new ways to embrace who you are!

So grab some wine and popcorn and lets get started!

    1. Ru Paul’s “Drag Race”  As Mama Ru would say, “If you don’t love yourself, how in the hell you gonna love somebody else?” There is something for everyone in this show which is undoubtedly body positive and empowering. Keep an eye out for  Latrice Royale who embraces her plus size instead of using her size as an excuse for why she can not measure up to the other smaller contestants. Not to mention you’ll learn some amazing styling tips as well as how to really embrace who you are inside!       
    2. “Best of TedX” Ted talks are renowned for changing perspectives and pushing their viewers boundaries. TedX may not be specifically about bodies or body positivity, but their series are worth a watch. You are guaranteed to find something that will resonate with you personally and often leave you in tears (in a good way).  My personal favorites are Stripping Away Negative Body Image — Lillian Bustle,  Plus Size? More Like My Size! — Ashley Graham and An Epidemic Of Beauty Sickness — Renee Engeln. There are many, many more that are also empowering and eye opening though!
    3. “Drop Dead Diva” I personally love this show. Its a fun premise but it really focuses on the reality of being a plus size woman in America. They tackle things such as sizeism, the fucked up vanity/clothing sizing that women have to deal with and the pitfalls and dangers that dieting can create. A highly recommended watch!
    4. “Miss Representation” This documentary isn’t necessarily about body positivity BUT rather how the media is selling the idea that womens value lie in their beauty, youth and sexuality rather than their capacity to be leaders. This documentary shows us that we need to value women on their individual traits and not just gender stereotypes.  Another film that will make you go “HUH?!” once you see how manipulating media really is.
    5. “Orange is the new black”. While I haven’t had the time to finish this amazing series I can tell you that there is a hugely diverse cast of characters that will appeal to a broad range of audience. There is body positivity in literally every episode. If you haven’t binged on this, do so now!
    Well, there they were! Have you seen any of these? Which is your favorite? Let me know if I missed any as well and we can add to the list.
    I am also planning on a vlog going over other body positive streaming shows out there, including what bloggers, Youtubers and influencers to follow.