Alaynna with GlamMarr barely even has to do any marketing of her business, her photographs and past clients do the work for her. If you are looking for boudoir photography (even if you are not in the St. Louis/Illinois area) stop looking anywhere else and book with GlamMarr! I would be willing to bet you won’t find a more talented boudoir photographer anywhere in the US. She has a knack for knowing just the right lighting and poses to bring out the very best of her clients. No photoshop needed here! You may think it is weird to meet a total stranger and be in various states of undress, but she makes you feel so confident, so comfortable and familiar, it wasn’t even an issue! This is something every woman should do for herself. Every woman deserves to feel this doted on, this amazingly sexy, no matter her shape or size. If I could give more stars, I absolutely would. Do yourself a favor and book a shoot at GlamMarr. Take advantage of one of her special deals if you are worried about money, but I promise you. It will be worth the money you pay. It’s almost unfair to put a price on the magic Alaynna creates. Just Treat Yo’ Self!


There’s not much that I can say that someone hasn’t already said..but it’s all true, she makes you very comfortable. You’re literally her best friend the whole time you’re there. Her knowledge of posing, lighting, and what looks good on your body type (not just what you like but what looks and fits the best) is really amazing. She really does want you to have the best experience, and will think of your comfort the entire time. The hardest part is choosing your images lol I literally can’t wait for my next shoot!


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